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About Me

A little about me:

My mom put me in tons of sports as a kid so I was always active. Gymnastics, soccer, swimming, and even sports camp to name a few. Little did I know that these childhood activities instilled a healthy mindset in me from when I was young, which pushed me to be active and keep my body moving today.

This is me, current physique- 5’7, moderately active but eating right.

So, I really did “get back into it.” It took me a couple months after finishing my last semester of university, so here we are. I think I have myself down to a science, so I’ll try and break it down for you:

Once I’m in the mindset to workout, that’s all I focus on. But once I fall off, I fall hard. There’s no working out twice a week. It’s all or nothing for me which, I would classify as my downfall; however, for the time being I’m working out and I’m going to share my journey here.

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