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Daily superfoods

Not only does my weekly grocery haul consist of fruits and vegetables, but also what I like to call my superfoods. I use these superfoods in a variety of ways including – in smoothies, in my cereal, sprinkled on top of rice, quinoa, potatoes, pretty much wherever I can.

I’m a huge advocate for being healthy from the inside out. That being said, I am stickler for reading the nutritional value facts on everything I buy, because I need to know how it will benefit me. So, let’s get into my daily go to superfoods; flaxseeds, they can be ground or whole, hemp seeds and chia seeds. These seeds have a multitude of health benefits and a huge one for me is iron, being that I have an iron deficiency. It’s really important to know your body and take the necessary steps to counteract health problems that are in your control by tailoring your diet to you.

Ground flax seed

The nutritional value of ground flax seeds and whole flax seeds are the same, however ground flax seeds are easier to digest. I typically use about two tea spoons maybe more, whenever I am using it. Although I don’t measure my food, it’s still really important to pay attention to the serving size. What you see in the chart isn’t exactly what you are going to get, unless you are eating a full 100 grams in one sitting.

Super seed mix

This super seed mix was on sale in Bulk Barn. We love a good sale around here so I suggest you subscribe to their email list. It consists of golden flax seed, hulled hemp, and chia seeds all in one. As you can see, I like to sprinkle it everywhere, this will ensure that I get my nutrients in for the day. Furthermore, this mix of seeds provides Protein, Fibre, Calcium and Iron. All things that I know I need, considering that I don’t eat a lot of meat.

For my plant based babies, or those who are transitioning their diet to a healthier lifestyle. Do your research. Diet is very personal to you, so what works for me or the next person might not work for you. It’s also important to note that when you reduce your meat consumption, that is not enough to consider yourself “healthy.” The nutritional benefits that meat provides the body with, need to be supplemented by other foods to make up for it.

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