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All the tea on laser hair removal

Let’s start with my hair removal journey. I first started shaving the bikini area around grade 6 ( I did gymnastics and swimming so it was about that time) and I got my first Brazilian wax at the end of grade 12. If you don’t know what that is, it removes all the hair from that area using wax – bikini line, front area, and between the cheeks. A few years later, I started sugaring – this method of hair removal is all natural and is supposed to be better for skin than waxing. After sugaring, I never went back to waxing because it changed my life for the better. However, my sensitive skin and inability to find a knowledgeable sugar lady where I was living left me in a pickle. Just like anything, if you are not consistent with sugaring/waxing you will not see any results. Worst of all, you could end of damaging your skin in the long run.


-For my ladies who like their hair, keep it, flaunt it, and don’t let anyone tell you differerently. I am in no way saying all woman need to be hairless. Do what makes you happy!

-This is for anyone who waxes! Please make sure your wax professional is NOT double dipping. Most people don’t pay attention to what’s happening while they are being ‘taken care of’; however, I have seen waxers dip the stick in the wax, wax me, then proceed to put it back in. This is a NO GO. If they are doing this with you, think about all their other clients they are using the same wax with and double dipping. You get the point. It’s your skin and your health at the end of the day. If you need to stop someone mid wax, I personally have, to ask if they are using a clean stick, DO IT.

Everything laser

Are you tired of the hair removal process? I know I was, so I finally decided to invest in my skin $$$. Being the skincare junkie that I am, I went on a quest to find the best laser hair removal clinic in the GTA. I did extensive research prior to visiting any clinic, to make sure I had as much background knowledge on laser hair removal for people of colour as possible. Not too long ago, there were little to no lasers that could accommodate the pigment in our skin, therefore it would literally burn our skin off along with the hair. Presently, there are lasers on the market specifically designed for darker skin tones allowing us to explore the wonders of laser hair removal.


1. Consultations are FREE (at least at the good spots- I went to 7, but I’m extra); book a consultation with a skincare professional at a laser clinic.

2. Do preliminary research, read google reviews, and be observant (upon arrival you need to scan the cleanliness of the clinic/office).

3. Do not get bamboozled. Laser hair removal is expensive, but you don’t want to get it done somewhere that will put you in debt for a SMALL area. Also if it’s too cheap, it’s a no go. ‘Invest in your skin’ $$ but be smart.

4. Try to compare prices of your top 3 clinics, go to your consultation with an idea of how much you are willing to spend, and make your decision based on the esthetician who will be performing the laser treatment on you.

My experience

I chose my laser hair clinic based on Google reviews (4.5 stars), they had a promotion – a package of 6 for one large area plus one small area. I was genuinely happy with the responses to my 21 questions and I liked the esthetician, who was going to be all up in my area (the most important).

I had my first treatment on September 12, and to answer your question, no, it didn’t hurt but I have a high pain tolerance. Also, I was informed that multiple factors can lead to why some women get the ‘zappy’ feeling and others feel next to nothing – hormones, periods etc. THE TEA. We are now into October, I just had my 2nd appointment this past weekend and I have been SMOOTH as a button since the beginning of September. My hair literally said, “see ya later” and I could not be happier.

Be advised that you won’t know if laser hair removal is for you until you do your research (click here for more info) and go for a consultation. You will not see results overnight, in fact, it’s a 6-8 month process for most people, and you typically schedule each appointment 4-8 weeks apart. I will be sharing my overall thoughts and results to document my Brazilian treatment. So far I am excited, and can’t wait for summer 2020.

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