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Rule: 80/20

80 % diet 20% activity

The 80/20 rule is nothing new and I did not make it up. But it’s definitely a rule that I live by. Essentially, if you are not consistently active, at the very least, your diet needs to be on point. I was able to snatch my waist and go from 27″ to 25″ since August, just by eating right. I don’t count calories, macros or weigh my food but if you do that’s great and keep it up. What do I do ? I just eat. I eat nutritious foods that will keep me full, energized and won’t leave me bloated.

10 % -20 % Diet – 80% Gym

This right here is not going to work. This blog is about health and lifestyle so it’s important to note that just because you or someone looks good does not mean they are healthy. If you are eating pure junk food; foods high in cholesterol, sodium and sugar but live in the gym, you are really just doing yourself a disservice. You are not feeding your body with nutrients and you are not living a healthy lifestyle sorry to break it to you.

Slim does not equate to being healthy and a larger frame does not equate to an individual being unhealthy. Stop letting society dictate what health looks like to you, because health comes in many different shapes and sizes. I know quite a few women that eat healthy, are fairly active but still remain on the bigger framed side and that’s okay. More than okay actually, because health comes from the inside out. If you feel good and you are happy with what you see don’t let the scale, social media or just people in general tell you otherwise.

This one is for my ladies, take note because this is important. A little belly fat is OKAY and does not translate to you being unhealthy. That may be hard to hear coming from me, as I do have a smaller waist, but you don’t need a “flat” stomach to be on the journey to health. You just need to care. The goal is get the results you want, if a flat stomach is on that list great! But don’t feel like it needs to be, a lot of women like their pudge and they rock it. You should too. For me I wanted this, so I worked for it and continue to work for it everyday. On the flip side, I know I don’t want killer abs for example so I hope you’re following where I’m going with this. It’s all about what YOU want.

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