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Who I follow

Fitness Edition

First and foremost, BE YOUR OWN BODY GOALS. It’s hard but wishful thinking and yearning for another body won’t change what you already have. So… why not work with what you do have and create the best version of yourself ?

Personally, I think it’s important to follow people who spread positivity but also encourage you to feel good about yourself. If the fitness influencers you follow do not align with your fitness goals, do not appear naturally attainable for you, and do not spread the message that all bodies are desirable, unfollow them right now. I too had to do a cleanse and it was the best thing i’ve ever done for myself.

I’ve compiled a short list of Instagram fitness influencers and YouTubers I personally follow. Their content is great, they are positive, they motivate me to get up, and most importantly, their workouts can be done in the gym or at home.

*Important to note: who I follow might not work for you, so find people who motivate you and follow their content.

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